Disruption must be simpler, cheaper or more convenient
the world is changing disruption is inevitable.


When new technology make things cheaper than current way we do things e.g.

  • Efficiency of air engine is greater than ICE (internal combustion engine)

  • Air Cars and EV replacing cars as we know them today.

  • When solar becomes our cheapest form of energy

  • Solar based Compress Air Storage

  • Solar based Electricity Generation

  • Compressed air storage much cheaper option that electric batteries


  • Cheaper car prices
  • Cheaper running costs
  • Efficient energy storage
  • Cheaper Electricity costs





MDI Compressed Air Engine will enable this transition in areas of transport & electricity generation

We choose to follow, an area of the South Pacific, and their Licence Area, 
as they develop Air Cars & Solar based electricity for the region.

Watch the video Clean Disruption - 53 mins - for a better understanding of why conventional Energy & Transportation will be obsolete by 2030 by Tony Seba

What is Disruption - when a New Product or Service helps create a new market and significantly weaken, transform, or destroy an existing product, market category / industry.


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