Air Volution Ltd holds exclusive rights to the vehicle manufacturing factories required within Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific region to manufacture and sell a range of revolutionary, affordable and environmentally friendly air powered motor vehicles being developed in France by Moteur Development International (MDI).

The technologies designed and built by MDI have the potential to create valuable economic and environmental sustainability. These technologies, using the simple advantages of stored compressed air, will assist to address global economic and technological changes needed for now and in the future.

Air Volution’s (MDI’s) products generate energy from compressed air and are far more affordable and cheaper to run than existing products in the Hybrid Electric space.

The core product is a compressed air engine that has multiple applications in the transport arena. The highly efficient engine is powered by compressed air. The engine is also reversible and recompresses air into a built-in carbon fibre storage tank. The lightweight engine offers a pathway towards a freedom from fossil fuel reliance.

Air Volution aims to manufacture, sell and deliver MDI vehicles to the public and for the MDI vehicles to become the principal vehicle of choice in the eco demand market providing sustainable transport systems and to deploy and be a part of new range of evolving business operations.  



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