While oil & coal shaped much of last century the are both finite.

We are excited about a paradigm shift that will take placed towards compressed air and compressed air storage and its many applications especially in transport and electricity generation.

Air Volution technology partner MDI in France is the world leader in the application of compressed air for energy storage; storage both for mass energy generation as well as distributed user applications.

Well this site was created for no other reason than as a tribute to two companies who are out there in the world beginning to make a real difference. With the world in almost self destruct mode it is comforting to see some company’s want to take us in to a new era. The media is full of 'sky rocketing fuel prices', 'rising electricity prices', 'major transport problems', 'global warming', 'greenhouse emissions', 'pollution'. REAL doom and gloom stuff if you ask us !!! 

We have had an interest in the company now called Air Future Ltd since 1998 and its subsidiary formed in 2007 called Air Volution Ltd, this is the commercial arm, set up to to produce, compressed air cars developed by MDI.lu of France

We find that www.air-volution.com.au has the Australasian rights for the amazing MDI Air Car from France, a small privately owned company that has produced a fantastic world changing revolution – a car that runs on AIR.

No pollution, no greenhouse gases, no fossil fuels. The air that comes out the exhaust is actually cleaner than the air that goes in - so it cleans the environment!


We look forward to new industries & economies, to use the sun’s energy and produce energy & products without toxins and waste, and use less energy.

  • Industries & businesses will close,
    but new ones will open up.

  • Whole economies have to change.

  • Government systems will have to change.



This is the way of THE FUTURE for our planet to survive of in the Post Oil Era!


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